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Meet Todd Jarman

Why use a personal insurance broker? Anyone can go online and find an insurance product and sign up. What we bring to the table is a consultative approach that helps you understand the products and why you need them or don’t. We bring you to the right products for your situation and eliminate the time consuming shopping of each individual carrier. You’ll have a real life personal agent that works for you and someone you can count on for questions that arise. You won’t get a faceless call-center agent that you may have trouble understanding and that you’ve never spoken to before. We work for YOU.

My Story

Prior to becoming a Medicare insurance Professional I attended Arizona State University to study nutrition and dietetics. I had huge issues with that career choice, mostly with how broken the system is ie., encouraging poor nutrition and behavior. I felt handcuffed with what I could do to help someone be healthy. I ended up leaving that career and went to school to become a Lineman electrician for the local AZ utility companies, APS/SRP. While in school I injured my elbow climbing power poles and was unable to certify/test and get a job with one of those companies. I was back at square one. Newly married, my first child on the way and needed a career that I was not only passionate about but also provided a good income for my new family.

I saw an ad one day in spring 2015 advertising a job from a local insurance company selling Medicare Insurance. Even though I had very little knowledge of what Medicare was I applied and started my Medicare insurance journey. From day one I realized this is what I was meant to do. Not a single day has gone by since I started speaking and working with people about their Medicare insurance where I didn’t feel like I truly helped someone that needed it. It feels so good to be in a career like this one.

Health Insurance, especially Medicare insurance, isn’t just selling a policy, making a commission and done. You are in charge of helping a real person to have access to the health care they need, with the best doctors and hospitals at the lowest possible cost. You’re helping them keep their life savings safe and not waste it on medical expenses. You’re helping someone on a fixed income, a person maybe only getting social security, to get the care they need and not be afraid to use it because it costs too much. You’re their first point of contact with the insurance company. You help them understand their policy, how it works, what it covers and doesn’t cover and any additional benefits they may not know about that could help them. It’s a huge responsibility.

In 2023 I decided to go out on my own and start Jarman Insurance. Since 2015, I’ve helped thousands of people with their Medicare and health insurance needs and it has been a privilege doing so. I look forward to helping you on your Medicare and health insurance journey for many years to come.

When I’m not doing insurance, I’m spending time with my family and racing dirt bikes and mountain bikes. It’s a family affair and we love it!

I know personally the importance of having insurance you can count on!

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At Jarman Insurance, we understand that choosing the right Medicare or health insurance plan can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer personalized service and support to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage. Whether you’re new to Medicare or switching plans or need an affordable plan for your family, we’re here to help.